Mercedes-Benz VISION EQXX | EQ Concept edition

Going the distance. So you can too.

Offering a preview for what’s to come in electromobility.

Breaking rules to break records.

We’re taking premium electric architecture to a whole new level, surpassing what was once impossible. Together with the Formula 1 experts at Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains, we set out to break barriers — and in doing so, achieved unparalleled efficiency in the all-electric VISION EQXX concept vehicle.

From the onset, our design focus aimed for minimal environmental impact. The simplest solution for greater efficiency would be to build a larger battery — but we were not about to take the easy route. Instead, we developed the fundamentals of the VISION EQXX from scratch, pushing for unthinkably lightweight, hyper-efficient components. We achieved an energy-dense battery that’s 30% lighter and sized 50% smaller.Disclaimer[5] Further refinements from our aerodynamicists allowed us to drop the drag co-efficient to an unimaginable cd 0.17.Disclaimer[5] Disclaimer[6] Just 18 months in the making, this concept car exceeds an astounding WLTP-estimated 620-mile range.Disclaimer[7] Disclaimer[5]  With a number like that, this vehicle has the potential to become the silver bullet to the electric road trip — capable of journeying great distances on a single charge. Day-to-day, the average U.S. driver may need to fully recharge just twice a month.Disclaimer[7] Disclaimer[8]

Streamlining this vehicle goes beyond what’s under the hood. We added rooftop solar panels to power numerous functions inside. Interior materials were influenced by nature and made with animal-free textiles — like cactus fibers, mushrooms and vegan silk — that provide a luxurious finish from upholstery to door handles.

The VISION EQXX is more than efficient, it’s also very, very cool. True to its heritage, this Mercedes presents modern luxury, advanced tech and superior comfort. It demonstrates our transformation toward software-driven design with tech developments. Silver, rose-gold and gloss black accents reveal a progressive interpretation of modern luxury.

The extent of skills behind this vehicle are expressed in the XX of its name: it is the X-factor across an agile X-divisional collaboration. The VISION EQXX made its digital world premiere in January 2022 and represents a blueprint for the future of electromobility.

Technology & Performance
More than 620 miles on a single chargeDisclaimer[5] Disclaimer[6]
<100 kWh battery capacityDisclaimer[6]
First real-time 3D navigation system with NAVIS Automotive Systems, Inc (NAVIS-AMS)
Drag coefficient of cd 0.17Disclaimer[8]
Generous wheelbase of 110 inches
Lightweight magnesium wheels
Electric-only chassis with lightweight F1 subframe
Innovative, animal-free materials made from cactus fibers, mycelium, and vegan silk

Electric efficiency

Mercedes is keen to make its electric cars as efficient as possible, as Schafer explains. “We think range matters for our customers, and efficiency matters. This program is all about efficiency and reducing electrical consumption. 

“We want to have the lowest possible consumption”, and the Vision EQXX certainly showcases that desire.

Vision EQXX

Battery chemists at Mercedes have managed to produce a battery with a capacity of 100kW in a package that is 50% smaller and 30% lighter than the comparable battery in the EQS.

“Ultra high efficiency will be our goal, as will increased range, at least for a period of time where we have to deal with a challenging charging network for quite some time.”

What this means is EV development is moving rapidly, and smaller electric vehicles now have the opportunity to benefit from increased range – something that has mainly been reserved for larger vehicles, until now.

Another aspect that helps the Vision EQXX gain so much range is its aerodynamics. The EQS holds the world record as the first production car in the world with a Cd value of 0.20 (beating out the Lucid Air with its 0.21 score), but the EQXX bests that value, with a drag coefficient rating of Cd 0.17.

There’s even a ‘lightweight F1 subframe’ at play here, which Mercedes says “brings racing efficiency to the road.” 

We hoped this would translate to some pretty impressive acceleration and top speed stats, but that’s not the case. In fact, the Vision EQXX top speed is just 140km/h (around 87mph), which Mercedes – that’s the kind of top speed you’d expect from a budget family car, rather than an ultra-premium Mercedes.

However, this concept wasn’t built with speed in mind, it’s all about efficiency and range, and it’s certainly achieved in those areas.

For those who are curious, Mercedes says that the Vision EQX can do 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in 7 seconds – again, hardly blistering, but that’s really not the point here.

The Vision EQXX also features a retractable rear diffuser that folds down and out under the rear end of the car at 60km/h (and then retracts at 30km/h) to further enhance the efficiency profile of the back end.

All of this helps the Vision EQXX achieve its market-leading 1,000km (around 620 miles) range on a single charge, and it also supports fast charging that can see 300km (roughly 186 miles) replenished in 15 minutes.

Super solar

We’ve seen a number of electric car manufacturers dabble with solar panels on their vehicles already, and the Vision EQXX joins the crowd with 117 solar cells on its roof.

Unlike other EV solar-panel-systems however, the setup on the EQXX could be far more useful, with Mercedes claiming that the ultra-thin roof panels “can add up to 25km (around 15 miles) of range on long-distance journeys in a day.”

Now, that is the absolute best-case scenario in “ideal conditions”, but it’s significantly better than Hyundai’s quoted 5-6 miles per day on the solar-panel clad Ioniq 5.

Energy gained via the solar cells is stored in a separate battery, which is used to power the climate blower, lights, infotainment system and other ancillaries – leaving more juice in the main battery for actual driving.

And this technology isn’t just reserved for the Vision EQXX concept, with Schafer saying the company has “made a very efficient panel not just for EQXX” and confirming it will feature “in future vehicles”.

Substantial sustainability, supersized screen

Inside the Vision EQXX you’ll find a range of sustainable materials, from a verified vegan leather alternative made from mycelium in the detail of the seat cushions to high-strength, biotechnology-based and certified-vegan silk-like fabric used for the door pulls. 

Meanwhile, the carpets are made from 100% bamboo fiber, and recycled PET bottles feature in the cabin materials.

What dominates the interior however, is the screen Mercedes uses. This is the first time the firm is offering a completely seamless display in a car – the ‘Hyperscreen’ in the EQS is actually three separate displays in one curved glass unit.

The Vision EQXX one-ups Hyperscreen with its own 47.5-inch mini-LED display, which stretches from pillar to pillar, across the entire dash, and features an eye-popping 8K resolution.

On-screen you’ll find a real-time 3D navigation system, an enhanced ‘Hey Mercedes’ voice assistant and even an efficiency assistant to help you get the most range from your charge.

Not that you’ll necessarily be using all of the screen at the same time. As Zane Amiralis, Head of Advanced Experience Design at Daimler AG explain to TechRadar:

“Just because we have a large screen, doesn’t mean we have to use all of it all of the time – and that’s the approach we’re using here. 

“We have an intelligent assistant who is managing the smart display. We’re hoping to not overload the driver or passengers with information they don’t need.

“We still have traditional separation where needed between displays, but at other times it can act as one large seamless display.”

The EQXX also has dedicated sound systems built into each of its seats, creating personal sound zones for each person.

This allows the front-seat passenger to watch a movie on their portion of the screen and listen to it without the need for headphones, while the driver wouldn’t hear any of the audio from the film, thus reducing any possible distraction.

As we’ve already said, the Mercedes Vision EQXX is a concept electric car, so it’s never going to hit the market. 

However, the advancements made here will translate to future Mercedes EVs – be it extended range, better battery efficiency, the introduction of more solar panels or just massive screens. There’s plenty to get excited about. 


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