Burn body fat with tri-set home workout

Get off on the right foot with a total-body home workout that will turbo-charge your metabolism and flood your brain with endorphins. Happy times

Forget dumbbells and kettlebells, because your body is the only thing you need to crush calories ahead of a day spent WFH.

This bodyweight workout does exactly that, splitting six moves into upper- and lower-body tri-sets – three moves done back-to-back. Complete the first tri-set three times, resting only when prompted, then move onto the second tri-set for a further three rounds.

A bit of a burn is what you’re after – muscular fatigue with spike your heart-rate, boosting the production of endorphins and burning maximum body fat, even after your last rep. Which we think is something definitely worth smiling about.

1A) Squat Jump, 15 reps, no rest

Adding a jump flips your squats from strength-builders into a fat-burning cardio exercise. Squat with your back straight until your thighs are parallel with the floor and your glutes are level with your knees (A), then spring up (B). Cushion your landing and go straight into the next rep.

1B) Squat Jack, 20 reps, no rest

The jack variation is simple, but executed at a furious pace. You’ll cut through fat and learn to stay light on your feet. Sit into the bottom of a wide squat (A). As fast as you can, bring your feet together (B), then immediately back out again. Expect to really feel it when you’ve completed the 20 reps.

1C) Crab Walk, 30sec, 30sec rest

This is no stroll on the beach. Crab walks push your muscles to the limit as you fight to keep your balance. With your hands behind your back and your legs bent in front of you, lift your hips (A) and shuffle forward (B). After half a minute, take a 30-second rest, before round two of squat jumps.

2A) Explosive Press-Up, 10 reps, no rest

This dynamic upgrade on the bodyweight staple will leave your heart pumping. From a press-up position, lower your chest until it almost touches the floor (A). Then, as you push up, lift both of your hands off the ground (B), before going straight into rep two. If you can clap your hands in mid-air, even better.

2B) Shadow Boxing, 30sec, no rest

You don’t need to step into the ring to train for the fitness levels of a champ. To shadow box, adopt a fighting stance. Stay light on your toes as you dip and sway (A), while throwing jabs and hooks with both arms (B). Work on any punches you feel like – just make sure you’re giving it your all.

2C) Inchworm, 10 reps, 30sec rest

From a standing position, lower your torso. Keep your legs straight and walk forward on your hands (A), until you’re in a press-up position (B). Reverse the movement and return to the starting position. That’s one rep. Rest for 30 seconds before you begin another round of the explosive press-ups.


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