Challenging Bodyweight Exercises That Get You Moving

Demarcus Ware shares a series of killer moves that don’t require any equipment

Building up workouts using bodyweight exercises can be tough. You might get bored repeating the same steps again and again. Time to try something new.

These eight exercises from former NFL star DeMarcus Ware and trainer Jeanette Jenkins will get your moving and light you up. Whether you parse them out through your weekly routine or perform them all together for an intense bodyweight circuit, you’ll find something that works for you.

You can watch how to do each in their recent Instagram video, but we’re taking the liberty of sharing some text-based pointers with you here as well.

Check them out, then get to work.

Push-up to Pike Ankle Tap: If you’re having trouble maintaining a straight spine, try breaking this up into two separate exercises and bending your knees.

Lateral Triple Knee: Get your heart rate up by focusing on high knees and full arm pumps with each step. Think fast feet.

Reverse Lunge to Front Kick: Maintain an engaged core with your back in neutral at all times. Don’t let your lower back dip as you step behind you. This will help you maintain better lower body stability and control.

Squat Jacks: Be intentional with the movement, focusing on total-body tension.

Squat Jacks with 180: Initiate each turn with your hips, not your chest or head.

Mountain Climbers + 2 Plank Jacks: To benefit from this exercise, it’s imperative that you own the plank position throughout. Focus on form, rather than speed, and consider regressing the exercise by dividing it into two separate moves.

Ab Tuck to Ab Toe Touch: You can add this exercise to your routine once hollow holds no longer feel challenging enough. Maintain a hollow core position with each phase of the exercise.

Tuck Jumps: You’ll build some power here, but the main focus here is moving quickly. If high-impact jumps are uncomfortable on your joints, try performing alternating knee-ups.


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